一个真正的 四维体验 不只是发生在教室里. 全球范围内, our students 和 faculty create knowledge 和 make profound 和 lasting change for the better. 我们的学生在布拉格学习国际经济学, work on sustainable development in Thail和 和 use their spring breaks to provide medical relief in Central America.

在家里, 学生丰富了我们的校园, 来自世界各地的教师和研究人员, 代表80多个国家. 我们致力于为国际学生提供所有的建议, advocacy 和 language education they need to feel at home in their new surroundings 和 be a part of a worldly 和 rigorous college experience.

教师对我们的全球影响力做出了重要贡献. Their research demonstrates the extraordinary effectiveness of nonviolent solutions to seemingly intractable global problems. 他们与世界各地的政府和公司进行磋商, 打击人口贩运, 作为我们国家和其他国家之间的文化使者.

我们还举办活动和节目,把世界带到我们的校园. 从埃及学者到拉美政治家再到中国媒体高管, thinkers 和 doers from around the world come here to share ideas 和 learn from 和 with our community. 这些努力,加上教育,联系和项目 约瑟夫·科贝尔国际研究学院,帮助我们发展全球联系,加强国家间的关系.

"The only way a power like the United States can function in this world is by being open to other cultures 和 open in its relationships with other countries. 我认为牛津大学在这方面走在了前列."

70% Around 70 percent of DU undergraduates study abroad, many through Cherrington Global Scholars

80+ The University of Denver is host to students 和 faculty from over 80 countries around the 全球


Ranked fifth in the nation among graduate schools for producing 和平队 volunteers


我们的学生与世界各地的社区合作, 在全球范围内交流知识,改善环境.

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    这是我们历史最悠久的国际项目之一, 学生们前往达兰萨拉, a city in India’s Himalayan region that is home to the Dalai Lama 和 the Tibetan government in exile. 虽然, 学生们沉浸在西藏文化中, learn from former political prisoners 和 work one-on-one as language partners for newly arrived refugees. It’s a trip that nearly every returning student describes as the most impactful experience of their time at DU.

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    在过去的五年里, members of our Medical 和 Dental Brigades used their spring breaks to travel to Nicaragua 和 Panama to provide medical 和 water relief. 志愿者帮助进行分类, 咨询期间的影子医生和牙医, 协助药房工作并领导儿童教育课程. 最近, they worked with locals to build infrastructure to deliver clean water to a community that previously lacked access.

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    与全球利文斯顿研究所合作, DU students are helping Ug和ans get the training they need to enter the hospitality industry 和 improve their quality of life. 学生实习生塑造了一个培训和管理多样化劳动力的项目. Ug和ans who participate in the program develop skills 和 improve their quality of life. 该项目已经为200多名乌干达人提供了就业机会, 随着我们合作关系的继续, 这个数字还会增长.



Director of the Sié Chéou-Kang Center for International Security 和 Diplomacy 黛博拉的, 还有一组教授和研究人员, 领导调查冲突地区非暴力行动的影响吗. The team hopes to find the most effective ways to reduce violence 和 create conditions for long-term peace 和 stability.


他是科贝尔学院中东研究中心主任, professor 纳德Hashemi works with students 和 faculty alike to deepen the underst和ing of the societies 和 political structures of the Middle East 和 the broader Islamic world. 他的工作旨在缩小中东和西方之间的差距.




Students in our Korbel School of International Studies are at the forefront of efforts to foster peace, 全世界的正义和理解. 像中美智库这样的机构.S. Cooperation 和 the Latin America Center work to solve regional problems 和 strengthen relationships regionally. 通过人权教育中心和人口贩运中心, 学生帮助在全球范围内推进人权.

其他学生在南非与弱势青年一起工作, 在哥斯达黎加提供社区卫生教育和支助, 并通过我们的许多海外项目向爱尔兰的老年人教授计算机技能.

We're also proud to show our international student body the best the United States has to offer, 和 we provide the language education services 和 support international students need to take full advantage of their education.


We work to ensure international students have all the resources they need to flourish at DU 和 enrich our community with their skills 和 perspectives. 我们的 国际学生和学者服务 are essential in the effort to make our campus an ideal starting point for someone new to our country.


我们的校园吸引着游客, 谁带来了不同的观点和全球联系.


飞往丹佛, 由正规赌博十大平台排行学的X-ITE项目主办,与各种学术机构合作, 公共, 私人和非营利组织, 是工程师的峰会吗, scientists 和 innovators working to address the United Nations' sustainable development goals. 17个进球, 2015年前行, 是为了消除贫困而设计的吗, 保护地球,确保人人繁荣. 解决不同目标的团队与教师合作, 本科生和研究生, 以及来自非营利组织的专家, 公营及私营机构.


多亏了创新的伙伴关系, students have the opportunity to spend two years abroad in Sweden to earn a bachelor's degree from DU 和 a master's from Lund University. Initially available to students in the biological sciences 和 gender 和 women's studies 项目, the initiative calls for participants to spend their first three years at DU followed by two at Lund University, 它是瑞典排名最高的大学,也是世界排名前100的大学之一.


这是杜克大学30多年的传统, 文化节对学生来说是一个机会, faculty 和 neighbors to celebrate the many cultures represented by the DU community. 有来自世界各地的美食和表演, participants have fun 和 enjoy great food while representatives from various internationally focused clubs 和 organizations share traditions from a wide range of cultures.


我们的 students remain animated by the University's international spirit long after they leave. 杰西卡·艾略特就是活生生的例子, 她要创造一项世界纪录,走遍世界上每一个国家.